Santa Cruz de Caridad Hill
Used to be a prayer area of the  Daughters of Charity  nuns residing at the former Villa Caridad  Monastery just at the foot of the hill , a giant cross  overlooking Mantalongon is erected at its summit in 1949 as a Peace Memorial, following the end of the Second World War.

Project Description:
General landscape beautification, establishment of tourism-support facilities, and view deck construction.

Santa Cruz Baywalk Park
Situated just in front of the historic San Guillermo Parish Grounds, the foreshore strip is host to the Poblacion Watchtower, the Foodlane, the Rock Garden and the Santa Cruz Marker (erected in 1921 to commemorate the arrival of Redemptorist missionaries in Dalaguete), to which the proposed park is named after.

Project Description:
General landscape beautification and establishment of tourism-support facilities.

Obo View Deck
Situated  just a few walks away from the historic Palingpaling Road,   the area is adjacent to the Manila Bay  mountain range, where on a clear morning, one has a nice view of the so-called golden-hued Bohol Sunrise . The proposed view deck area is also the jump-off point to the proposed Dingayop Trail.

Project Description:
Establishment of a view deck

Eagle’s Cave and Dingayop Spring Nature Park
Dingayop Spring is the town’s main source of potable water while species of rare insects and animals  are  found inside Eagle’s Cave. Passable via the proposed Obo View Deck and situated just a walking distance from each other, the duo offers an extreme challenge to thrill-seeking mountaineering groups and adventure-loving individuals.  

Project Description:
General landscape beautification, establishment of the Obo View Deck to Dingayop Spring trail, and establishment of a half-way base that will house a convenience store, an accomodation area, and a first aid station.

Cristo Rey de Mantalongon & Life-sized Via Crucis
Located within the property of the prominent Almagro clan and over-looking the Mantalongon Business District,  the life-sized Stations  of the Cross   are interspersed among the  anthorium flower farm and tall trees belonging to the pine family.  A 10-meter high Cristo Rey culminates the trail.

Project Description:
Restoration of monuments and landscape beautification .

Cut-Flowers & Vegetables Pick & Pay Farms
Aside from vegetables, a good number of farmers in the highland barangays are also into the cut-flower industry.  In such occassions as packaged tours,  visitors are given the chance to visit such farms and are allowed to personally pick  some vegetables and/or cut-flowers of their choice for a fee.

Project Description:
The Municipal Government will provide the farmers’ capital expenditure, which they will eventually pay at no interest  rate at all .

Visitors Information Center
Project Description:
An extension workplace of the Municipal Tourism & Investment Promotions  Office to be located within the Mantalongon Business District,  the center will cater to  tourists’ needs of those who come to visit the town’s highlands.
Diving Site Centers
Project Description:
A tourism support facility as well as an economic enterprise,  there will be three such diving site centers, one for each of the town’s marine protected areas. The Municipal Government will construct  the facility and will offer the same for concession to qualified   diving equipments  business entities.