San Guillermo Church
The earthquake-Baroque-inspired structure took 23 years to build (1802-1825), and is one of the few remaining church fortresses in the country. In 2004, it is declared a National Heritage Landmark by the National Historical  Institute.

Project Description:
Microfilming of century-old church documents (baptismal, marriage, and death records), establishment of the Parish Museum, and complex-wide CCTV installation.

Casa Real (Municipio)
Intended to be a fortress of Spanish authority upon its construction in the 1830s, it became a military quarter of the Japanese Occupation Army during the Second World War. It is the present seat of the Municipal Government and is host to the town’s Museo sa Dalaguete  since 2010.

Project Description:
General structural restoration and landscape beautification, expansion of the Museo sa Dalaguete  area, and complex-wide CCTV installation.

Dalaguete Beach Park
A popular beach resort which forms part of what was popularly known by then as Argao Beach Club.  At a walking distance is the Casay Marine Park and Sanctuary, one of the town’s three marine protected areas, and a favorite diving spot  of foreigners and locals alike.

Project Description:
General structural restoration and landscape beautification.

Mag-alambak Highlands
A tropical enclave of serene natural beauty about a quarter of a kilometer above sea level, the 48-hectare man-made forest  is a bequest of the Southern Cebu Reforestation Development Project

Project Description:
Establishment of the Mag-alambak Outdoor Adventure Park.

Obong Spring
Host to a 400-year old dalakit  (balite) tree to which, according to legend Dalaguete’s name is derived from, the icy cool waters of the spring  aggravated by the tree’s majestic shade, is a sure-hit to both foreigners and locals alike who want to escape the punishing heat of the summer sun.

Project Description:
Establishment of accommodation and swimming facilities, and general landscape beautification.

Mantalongon Highlands
Hailed as the Little Baguio of the South  due to its cool climate even during the summer, Mantalongon and the neighboring barangays are central to Dalaguete’s agricultural commerce, earning for the town the reputation as the Vegetable Basket of Cebu.

Project Description:
Improvement and establishment of additional farm to market roads as well as road linkages connecting the ecotourism sites  to the National Highway.

Osmeña Peak
At 1,042 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in the entire Province of Cebu. At the summit, one has a panoramic view of Badian’s Zaragosa Island in the west, and the island of Bohol in the east, among others.

Project Description:
Establishment of tourism-support facilities.

Rock Formation
Nature’s petrified beauty at its finest, one is reminded of the Middle Earth  of the Lord of the Rings  saga. It is almost always part of the tourists’ itinerary on their way to the Osmeña Peak.

Project Description:
Establishment of half-way base to house a convenience store, a security outpost, and a first aid station, among others.

Bandera Peak
A Japanese Imperial Army stronghold during the Second World War, the place has slowly but steadily become a favorite camping site. With an elevation of 825 meters above sea level, one has an imposing overview of Bohol Province and Northern Cebu, among others.

Project Description:
Establishment of tourism-support facilities.

Lagnason Aviary and Breeding Ground
Reputedly the only place in the region where four species of flying foxes are found living together by the hundreds.  Moreover, it is also home to the Cebu Flowerpecker (Dicaeum quadricolor) and the Black Shama (Copsychus cebuensis), among others.

Project Description:
Establishment of tourism-support facilities and view deck construction.