natural attractions

Wanna go nature trekking? Or wanna cool down after basking around under the heat of the sun? or wanna discover some caves under some rock formation? Dalaguete has it all when it comes to mountain climbing, camping or nature trekking or skinny deeping maybe. Campers and mountain climbers from all over the province come to this place for nature trekking and mountain climbing due to the cold climate of Osmena Peak and the icy cold spring of Obong.obong spring

Obong Spring
Brgy. Obong – Host to a 400-year-old dalakit tree (Ficus benjamina Linn) to which, according to legend, Dalaguete’s name is derived from.  Local and foreign tourists from all walks of life make their way to Barangay Obong, most specially on weekends, to unwind and bathe in the icy cool waters of the spring.


summer capitalosmena peakOsmeña Peak
Brgy. Mantalongon – Formerly known as Tanawan, presumably because one has a panoramic view of Badian’s Zaragosa Island to the west and the Province of Bohol to the east, O-Peak, as it is now popularly known since it became a favourite horse-riding destination of former President Sergio Osmeña, Sr., is the highest peak in the Province of Cebu at 1,042 meters above sea level.

mantalongon highlandsMantalongon Highlands
Brgy. Mantalongon – Long-hailed as the Little Baguio of the South for its cooler than the usual breeze, Barangay Mantalongon is officially recognized by the Cebu Provincial Board as the Summer Capital of Cebu since 2006, an unambiguous testament to its vital role as the province’s premier eco-tourism destination.



beach parkDalaguete Beach Park
Brgy. Casay – A truly developed public beach, Dalaguete Public Beach has been the favorite among the locals due to its excellent sandy palm-fringed shoreline and clean waters. With no entrance fee, locals and other out-of-towners frequent the place especially during weekends. The beach is usually overcrowded during Sundays.
rock formationRock Formation
Lugsangan, Brgy. Tabon – Nature’s petrified beauty at its finest, the Rock Formation along the road leading to Sitio Lugsangan in Barangay Tabon, is reminiscent of the Middle Earth scenes from the Lord of the Rings saga.
bandera peakBandera Peak
Brgy. Dumalan – Protected by the Dalaguete Bantay Lasang, Bandera Peak is dotted with lush tropical foliage and a variety of ferns, orchids, and shrubs. Experience a “Mt. Everest-like-sensation” from the months of September to January as the peak is most often covered with thick fog. The rest of the months offer an unhampered visibility. Temperature range from 26 to 33 degrees in summer and 20 to 25 degrees in rainy seasons.
kulabyawKulabyaw Cave
Brgy. Mantalongon – Before reaching Osmeña Peak, the highest peak among the Mantalongon range, trekkers pass through a cave where it is famous for its thousands of bats and other nocturnal denizens flying in and out of the cave. That’s why it is called Kulabyaw Cave.
dingayopDingayop Water Falls, Caves, and Spring
Brgy. Obo – Whose waters originate from two creeks, the Barangay Langkas-Mantalongon creek and Barangay Obo-Mag-alambak-Mantalongon-Grandchina.  The Natural Springs flow sufficiently in many areas along the Dalaguete River and one of them had been once historically told as a source of drinking water of the Spanish friars from the town of Dalaguete due to its pure and cool spring water and the ancestors called the spring as “Kalalusan sa Pari” or the Spring where the Parish Priest fetches drinking water and it is now the actual source of drinking water benefiting thousands of people in the barangays of the town of Dalaguete.
batsBreeding Ground of Flying Foxes
Brgys. MalonesLanao (Lagnason Creek) – This hidden valley is a haven for biodiversity and endemic flora and fauna.  Lagnason Creek is a natural habitat of four species of huge flying foxes roosting together by the hundreds in one colony which is unique and the only one of its kind in the region.  Two of these species are the world’s largest flying foxes (kabog) and this is the only place in Cebu where you can find these species.
aquatic attractionCasay, Cawayan, and Balud-Consolacion Marine Sanctuary
Brgys. Balud, Consolacion, Cawayan, and Casay – These underwater paradise destinations are indeed a spectacle to watch and behold.  Down under the clear waters, some few swims away from the seashores of Barangay Balud-Consolacion, Cawayan and Casay are a profusion of diverse marine life in colorful splendor.   
dakong batoDakong Bato
Brgy. Coro – A landmark since the Spanish era, the big stone has been used as a marker to signify entry to the Municipality of Dalaguete. Visayan folklore such as the story of Maria Cacao and stories relating to the supernatural world are associated with this “immovable” marker.