“A Tribute and Legacy”

Of the Original Solfegio instructors of Dalaguete were the noted “Popo” Genio Belciña and Mano Fidel Buenconsejo, Mente Bajarias, Tonying, Felipe Vergara, Tarco Salvador, Nestor Bajarias, Mingo Salvador, Drummer, Clarinet, we consider them as the Trail Blazers, the Builders, the Movers, the Torch Bearers, the Keeper of the Flame, the Restorers or the new venturers. One other who is based in Chicago, Illinois, married Ester Buenconsejo Hana, husband, a Thailander. Dr. Judith Dueñas Tumabiene, an accomplished pianist/graduate from the UP Conseratory of Music, UP Diliman, Quezon City.

Just like any other parents, we are very proud of our sons who are musicians. Invicto “Jun” Alcantara who performed and performs in Manila, Italy, Las Vegas in U.S.A. “Dindo” Maphilindo Dueñas Alcantara, Saxophonist at Manila Hilton, Japan and Italy. Jesse “Boy” Alcantara, was Cebu City Hall Band Drummer for sixteen (16) years and a two (2) year stint in Macau, China. In Cebu City Jesse performed at Cebu White Gold House, Continental Hotel, Baseline, Shakeys joint, Lawis-wis Cawayan, El Refresco Tambuli, Lapulapu, Mactan. My wife Precing, by the way, plays the piano and can also sing. The Dalaguete Music Foundation (DMF) which was founded by Ester Buenconsejo Hana, where I happened to be the Organizer of the Committee. Still others are Joe Salvador, trumpeter and pianist and guitar, Elmer “Muya” Ambagay, trumpeter, Italy. Other place, Cebu City, Jose Navarrete, Jesus Navarrete, Trumpeter, Conseco Morante, Trombonista Tonying Buraroy Trumpeter, Ruperto “Pintong” Legaspi. Ester Hana was here last November bringing stringed instruments for her Banjo children’s group/rondalla. In February, she will reveal her other plans for DMF. Her rondalla is based in Chicago, Ill.

Today, Elementary and High School students study the Solfegio to enable them to go through college for free by membership in School Bands.