“Didto ko sa atong lagkaw, ako misusi, ako miduaw… Wa pa ju’y dyutayng kadaut, bisan sa dugay ng mga adlaw…”  …Thus goes the first verse of the immortal song “Lagkaw” of the now almost forgotten Eriberto “Berting Buta” Montenegro.

Then there is Inocentes Vergara, one-time musical director of international singer Matt Monro in a concert held at the Cebu Coliseum, who arranged the renowned Pilita Corrales’ song Kapantay ay Langit,  

In a three-page memoir that came out in the Dalaguete Yearbook 2000 and written to the man he most respectfully addressed as the Maestro, the well-renowned priest and composer of liturgical music Msgr. Rudy Villanueva had this to say on Maestro Inuz:

“…The Maestro grew up in the small town of Dalaguete, where most homes had an instrument or two, and where lips were bruised from practicing. The young Inuz Vergara became a boy-wonder who could, if he felt like it, pick up any instrument and play it on the spot.”