getting here
Modes of Transportation and Rates
Have fun, but don’t leave everything to chance. Indeed, getting around Dalaguete is made more exciting by some of our local transport services. Getting from one major destination to the next, requires a reliable form of transportation and here’s what Dalaguete has to offer.



  • Ceres Bus Liner
  • Sunrays Bus Liner
  • Vehicle for Hire (V-Hire)

  Non Air-Conditioned

  • Ceres Bus Liner
  • Sunrays Bus Liner
  • Natalie Bus Liner
  • Villahermosa Bus Liner
  • D’ Rough Riders Bus Liner
  • Mini-Bus from Mantalongon-Cebu City (vice versa)
  • Mini-Bus from Manlapay-Cebu City (vice versa)

These iron machines are essential anywhere in the Philippines. These colorful expressions if Filipino ingenuity and pop art are also one of the major forms of transportation in Dalaguete. Jeepneys are Asian utility vehicles and can withstand difficult terrain and harsh weather. It is synonymous to the Carabao – a beast of burden made of iron and steel. Jeepneys bound for Mantalongon (our little Baguio), do not have definite schedules but anyway  all the seats will be filled in less than half an hour and off you go.

A consummate example of Filipino ingenuity, these three-wheeled utility vehicles amazed the Japanese, that they cannot explain how awkwardly their motorcycles have evolved. Here in Dalaguete, we have lots of them for rent and for hire. As a substitute to the taxis, the tricycles ply the major spots and resort. And older brother of the sikad-sikad, the pedikab could reach the speed of 40-50 kph on concrete road. Minimum fare is P4.00.


Environment friendly and pollution free, these crawling mechanical contraptions can travel around town with ease and with style. Some of them are fully loaded, that is, equipped with Hi-Fi fully surround stereo sound system. But mind you, they don’t crawl like turtles all the time; top speed is 15 kph. Minimum fare is P5.00 but soften your hearts and give the driver an extra tip, a 60 kg passenger is quite a heavy cross to carry.

The name speaks for itself. Wild. The most peerless and the wildest means to travel to the mountains is by “habal-habal”. Feel the need for speed and take a ride on one of these two-wheeled power utility motorcycles. Experience the ride of  your life and hop on one of these machines as the driver maneuvers through zero visibility fogs, dusty, rocky, slippery, narrow, treacherous and 45 degree slopes at 95 kph with passengers and no helmets. Hold on to dear life and say a prayer man.