Museo sa Dalaguete
Poblacion – Located at the 2nd floor of the town’s century old municipal building, the Museo de Dalaguete showcases valuable things of Dalaguetnons in bygone era, relics and artifacts that symbolize ancient life and culture. The museum signifies as a tribute to the Dalaguetnons’ ingenuity, industry, lasting faith and resolute spirit.

The conceptualization for the establishment of the Dalaguete museum started in 1999 and fully materialized in 2009 in preparation for the town’s Tri-Centennial Fiesta Celebration and Founding Anniversary.

The Museo de Dalaguete reminds us how our Dalaguetnon forefathers thrived against all odds living behind their historic past for us to rediscover, appreciate, embrace and learn from it.

Archbishop Manuel Salvador Museum
Poblacion – The ancestral house of the couples Filemon Osorio Salvador and Ursula del Mar Sandalo wa built circa 1885 and renovated in 1953 and 2001.  It is used as a residence since their marriage on April 19, 1909 until the early years of the new millennium, when it was converted into a museum and a library last February 8, 2002.

The Salvador-Sandalo clan include, among others, the patriarch former Mayor Filemon Osorio Salvador (1922-1928), the matriarch former Municipal Councilor and Mother of the Year awardee Ursula Sandalo-Salvador, and their children former Mayor Francisco Salvador (1972-1976) and former Coadjutor Archbishop of Cebu Manuel Salvador, D.D. to which the museum is named after.