Merely mentioning the name of our town would tickle your gustatory senses and give you a sample of a true Dalagitnon culinary special and gastronomic experience. Taking a bite-full of our sumptuous delicacies is like taking a trip to Food Heaven. We’ve packed this page with Carbo-loading and high-caloric goodies to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Banana Meat
In Dalaguete, deep-fried bananas (ripe cardava variety), immaculately stuffed with prime ground meat would seemingly grow on trees every fiesta. These potassium rich bananas have amazed many famished eaters and undaunted visitors. At first sight it looks just like your ordinary “pritong saging”. At first bite, it’s a culinary wonder: soft, sweet and juicy outside, meaty and spicy inside. Appetizer, main dish or dessert, the Banana Meat can be found in every table during fiesta – only in Dalaguete. It’s so easy to prepare and it has become a mainstay in many households on fiestas, holidays and special occasion buffets. It has become as much a tradition as the lechon. It’s not for vegetarians but it’s the ultimate banana experience one can never have enough of!!

So delectably lip-smacking good, our bibingka is unique from all other bibingkas elsewhere. Made even juicier and with just the right sweetness, one would often wonder and marvel if these rice cakes are baked in heaven. These are made of ground glutinous rice baked to perfection in unconventional ovens called “hudnohan” heated by red burning coals and glowing embers. Green banana leaves are used as drapes to keep it from sticking on the pans, enhancing a richer flavor and texture. What makes our bibingka is the thick, sweet sauce or latik, which is made of pure coconut milk and brown sugar. Hot latik poured lavishly on steaming freshly baked bibingkas are delightful for snacks or dessert. Available fresh and syrupy all year round at P5.00 a piece.

Call this the Queen of the Bring-house phenomenon. It has the shape of a crown and dusted with the white sugar crystals which glitter like tiny diamonds. There are differing traditions and recipes of the majestic Torta. The Dalaguete Torta distinguishes itself from all other tortas in its yolk to oil ratio content; that’s what makes it Dalagitnon. Guarded family recipes require the best eggs from free-range native chickens and pure home-produced pork oil. The ultimate torta has loads of yolk and oil per square millimeter making it the cholesterolic climax of pastries. Goes superbly with coffee, “tsokolate” or cola. Ideal for bring-house, pasalubong or giveaways, the torta has always been pinned for, here and abroad. It can remain soft, good and sugary for 5 to 6 days and would surely pass strict airport regulations.

Sweet and toasty golden-brown cookies shaped like the moon, stars and flowers are some of our popular tasty treats. Handed down by custom and tradition, these cookies can be traced back to Spanish heritage. The tostado is a cookie with ornate designs and baked until golden brown. Taste, form and quality vary in every household.

The podrida is a thicker but softer piece with luscious and fruity fillings of nangka or bantiyong jelly. Viewed on a certain angle, it has the appearance of a volcano. Through enough, its crater holds a tasty secret ready to erupt. It has a distinctive special texture in every bite. Available orders from local entrepreneurs at P5.00 each.

Vegetable Pickles