The Municipality of Dalaguete is an exciting hotspot for locals and tourists alike because of its unique geographical landscape. It is fast becoming a vibrant attraction offering residents and visitors a variety of activities from swimming and hiking to dining and glamping.
Dalaguete enjoys the best of both worlds. Its natural landscape provides easy access to both sea and mountains. The following are some of the major tourist attractions and activities to be explored and enjoyed in the municipality:

What to see


Dedicated to San Guillermo de Aquitania, the Baroque-inspired San Guillermo de Aquitania Church at Barangay Poblacion, Dalaguete, took 23 years to build (1802-1825). It is one of the few remaining church fortresses in the Philippines and was declared a National Heritage Landmark by the National Historical Institute on October 3, 2004.

Casa Real was intended to be a fortress for the Spanish authority upon its construction in the 1830s. It became a military quarter for the Japanese Occupation Army during the Second World War. Casa Real is presently the seat of the Municipal Government. Popularly known as the “Municipio”, the structure is also host to the town’s “Museo de Dalaguete”, which was opened in 2010.


Situated at Sitio Alang-Alang, Mantalongon, the Mt. Talongon Flower Garden is like a paradise full of different varieties and colorful flower species, including the sunflower as the garden’s main attraction. There are also petunias, snapdragons, crimsons, and other seasonal flowers.

A unique natural site located on the mountain side along the Dalaguete River at Brgy. Obo is the Dingayop “Eagle’s Cave” with huge deposits of stalactites and stalagmites and species of insects and rare animals that live inside the cave.

At the same site as the Eagle’s Cave is another unique natural site surrounded by a virgin forest. This is the Dingayop Spring and Waterfalls. The spring developed as a main source of potable water in midland and coastal barangays. The falls is about thirty (30) feet high flowing down to the Dalaguete River. The entrance to the waterfall is a big rock formation that looks like the façade of a cathedral.


Widely recognized as the vegetable basket of Central Visayas, Dalaguete is home to Mantalongon, a large supplier of cabbages, carrots, chayote, eggplants, pechay, corn, and other crops.

Basket Weaving

Watch as basket weavers weave ideas into reality, bringing art and livelihood to Dalaguetnons.

Flying Foxes

Spot the Malones flying foxes at Lagnason Creek. These fascinating creatures are fruit and nectar-feeding bats, which are among the largest in the world.

Green Sea Turtle

Watch these giant creatures as they swim through the ebbs and flows of the tides between Barangays Coro and Mananggal.

What to do


Dalaguete Beach Park, also known as Casay Beach Park, is a white sand public beach with tall swinging coconut palms dotting its shorelines. Obong Spring is a basin of blue-green water that offers visitors a cool respite especially during the hot summer months. It is famous for its estuary where freshwater meets the sea.


Also known as Lugsangan Peak, Casino Peak offers a beautiful hike through a spiny limestone cliff.

For the more adventurous hikers, Kandungaw Peak is an epic ridge climb in the mountain range of Dalaguete.

Hike to Osmeña Peak, one of the highest points in Cebu Province. At an elevation of 1,072.6 meters above sea level, visitors can enjoy breath-taking views of the sunrise and sunset.

Bandera’s Peak located in Brgy. Dumalan was a Japanese Imperial Army stronghold during the Second World War. This place is a favorite camping site. At an elevation of 825 meters above sea level, hikers and campers have a scenic view of Bohol Province and northern Cebu.

Visit and see the rock formations at Barangay Tabon along the road leading to Sitio Lugsangan, nature’s petrified beauty at its finest. This rock formation may be included in adventurers’ itinerary on their trek to Osmeña Peak.


Enjoy a novel experience in the highlands of Dalaguete. Glamp and relax at 150 Peakway Mountain Resort.