The provision of welfare services is undertaken by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office. The office is staffed by one Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer, one Welfare Assistant, and two Day Care Worker II. It serves marginalized and disadvantaged population who are most vulnerable to poverty such as children, youth, elderly, and persons with disability and women in general.


Livelihood Development Project


Family and Community Welfare Program

  1. Parent Effectiveness Service
  2. Marriage Counseling Service
  3. Responsible Parenthood
  4. Social Services for Solo Parents
  5. Social Preparation for Peoples Participation
  6. Community Volunteers Resource Development
  7. Social Welfare Structure

Women Welfare

  1. Self-Enhancement Skills Development
  2. Maternal and Child Care
  3. Community Participation Skills and Development

Child and Youth Welfare

  1. Day Care Service
  2. Supplemental Feeding
  3. Peer Group Services
  4. Child Protection Service

Emergency Assistance Program

  1. Aid to Individual in Crisis Situation
  2. Emergency Shelter Assistance
  3. Food for Work

Program for Disabled Persons and Elderly

  1. Information Dissemination on Disability Prevention
  2. Assistance to Physical Restoration for Disabled Persons
  3. Self Social Enhancement Service for Disabled Persons
  4. Social Services for Elderly


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