Dalaguete, a Peaceful, Progressive, Environment-Friendly, and God-Loving Society.

To Develop an Empowered People, to Provide Them With Equitable Opportunities to Secure Jobs and Sustainable Income and to Encourage Diversities for a More Meaningful, Productive and Satisfying Way of Life.

The ultimate goal of the Municipality of Dalaguete is to improve the quality of life of the people through:

  • The development of program and continuing education and to encourage active participation in local governance in support to the development thrusts of the municipal government;
  • The promotion of partnership and reinforcement in the delivery of basic and support services (basic education both formal and non-formal, peace and order; custodial and protective services) with the local government units at the provincial, municipal and barangay level or governance;
  • The provision of legislative and policy support to the executive agenda;
  • The increase of its internal and external financial resources and effectively exercise its governmental functions in order to effectively deliver basic and other support services.


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