Dalaguete Solid Waste Management Office

The growing needs and awareness on health and environmental protection have shaped the policies with which the Municipality of Dalaguete addresses the

problem of solid waste. The enactment of R.A. 9003 carved the pathway leading to solutions.


    • The main objective of the Dalaguete Solid Waste Management Program(DSWMP) is to establish and integrated solid waste management system with its components significantly interrelated in synergy. It ohysically centers around the sanitary landfill with composting facility situated in Brgy. Tapon;
    • Over the next three years, the Municipality will establish a system based on an improved collection and transfer, involving the segregation of the organic fraction of the waste and the setting up of barangay recovery centers for recyclables;
    • The organic waste materials will be composted and the produce shall support the farming activities of the vegetable frowers in the upland barangays of Mantalongon and neighboring areas. Barangay based recovery facility shall be instituted.
    • Environment02The remaining waste shall be depostited at the sanitary landfill constructed in accordance with the prescriptions of R.A. 9003 and its implementing guidelines.
    • Activities of the education committee of the DSWMP have been designed to establish the ideals of environmentally sound waste management in the hearts and minds of the Dalaguetnons;
    • It is envisioned that by responding to an essential environmental concers, a basic cornerstone, the sustained development of Dalaguete can be attained.