Protective Cultivation For Improved Crop Production.

Technological advancement in agriculture is a major focues in global perspective as an answer to food security and sustainable development. The Municipality of Dalaguete is a strategic center for agricultural development and has a vase potential for the introduction of innovative methods and technological breakthroughs that would increase the productivity of our farmers and enhance the quality of our farm products.

High value crops and vegetables are the major farm products in the mountain barangays of the municipality. Consequently, year round vegetable production is constrained by the seasoal growth and adaptation of the most crops. The key to this predicament is the establishment of “Greenhouses” which would create a controlled environment, ascertaining the protection of the plants from the debilitating effects of strong winds, heavy rains, extreme heat and pests.

greenhouse2The Green House in Brgy. Dumalan is adopted from Israeli Technology utilizing the sprinler irrigation system which has been proven to effectively provide the crops with proper nourishment and adequate water. Endowed with fertile agricultural areas, as well as abundant water and sun, the Municipality of Dalaguete have proven potential to produce high quality vegetables the whole year round and the edge to compete with international post-harvest technology. A new opportunity for marketing our products are the restaurants, hotels and supermarkets and other similar establishments who would readily pay for high quality vegetables for a higher price.

Public Market and Trading Post

public marketThe challenge of economic stability and agricultural development in the age of 21st century modernity and globalization is vast and wide-ranging. Agricultural development can answer the livelihood and employment dimensions of poverty and joblessness. The Municipality of Dalaguete is one of the major agricultural centers in the Province of Cebu. We have sixteen (16) mountain barangays that are prime producers of high value crops and vegetables. Farmers and traders converge in barangay Mantalongon which is a strategic trading zone for our local produce and a major area for commerce, business, employment and trade. For a long time we have been conducting business in the existing market which is old and dilapidated. We have been struggling with the deteriorating sanitary conditions and outdated facilities in the market place.

trading postThe new two-storey building with an estimated total floor area of 1, 550 sq.m., houses seventy-two(72) stalls for fruits, vegetables, cereal and grocery stores and forty-eight (48) tables for the wet section at the ground floor. Twenty (20) stalls for foods and beverages, twenty-nine (29) stalls for personal effects and houseware section shall accommodate the 2nd floor. A modified occupancy scheme is also introduced for socialized accommodation to cater small scale and non-regular retailers in an area of 171 square meters distinctly distributed at both levels ranging from 1-2 square meters area allocation per locator.

Site Development Works was initiated by the Demolition and Disposal of the Old Public Market and providing seventy-seven (77) temporary stalls. Major developments incorporated the Construction of Circumferential Road Site Drainage and Water Supply System.