The Municipio

Local residents believe that the Municipal Hall, the seat of government of the town, must have been built around 1832 following the completion of the parish convent on that same year, and is the very same government house that Spanish chroniclers Buzeta and Bravo mentioned about in their 1851 report.

The original structure was L-shaped with a symmetrical façade and clay tiles roofing while the walls are made of coral stones. By the passing of time, the roof is replaced with galvanized iron sheets and a canopy is added at the main entrance area. Recently, and upon the completion of the new annex building to house the Legislative and the Executive offices way back in 2002, the second floor area is converted into the present Museo sa Dalaguete.

The municipio was host to two hostilities – first when it was stormed and occupied by local rebels at the height of the 1898 uprising, and second, when it was made the center of the civil government of the Japanese occupation forces during the Second World War.