Hiyas sa Dalaguete Awardees, (The Dalaguete Hall of Fame)
Conrada Osorio Almagro
Venerable Matriarch, Multi-termed LGU Executive

Vice Mayor Conrada “Dading” Almagro is the only living recipient who is 84 years old and has been popularly known as Manang Dading to all and the living Matriarch of the Dalaguitnons. She has devoted almost all of her life in public and community service and has been known of her philanthropy and charities – the latest is a more than four hectare of prime lands for the socialized housing of the municipality. She also donated the land of the Parish Church of Mantalongon, Dalaguete. According to the President of Dalaguete’s Federation of Senior Citizens, Mr. Invicto Alcantara, Manang Dading is a true model of a religious lay woman who practices a very simple lifestyle in both her public and private life, despite the stature of her position and her economic affluence. The people of Dalaguete are quite lucky for having Manang Dading who in her younger years has always wanted to be a contemplative nun.

Ildefonso Quilala Alcantara
Specialist Obstetrician, Poet, Writer (in Spanish)

Dr. Alcantara was a migrant to Dalaguete who has served as the Government Physician from 1938 to 1955, lived and served Dalaguete for almost four decades until his demise at the age of 87 last 1976, a model father whose children are now successful in their undertakings while most of them are serving Dalaguete; established with his daughter, Dr. Ensoñacion Alcantara, the Alcantara Clinic converted later to Dr. Ildefonso Alcantara Memorial Hospital.

Don Crispin and Doña Paula Almagro

They were recognized leaders and philanthropists of Dalaguete, model parents whose children have all been successful in their lives who have mostly served Dalaguete, known for their charities and concern to the Dalaguitnons, the donors of the land used as the site for the Dalaguete National High School.

Guillermo Sandalo Legaspi
Statesman, Guerilla Fighter

Manong Memong was the first Dalaguitnon to be elected Member of the Cebu Provincial Board 1971-76, Mayor of Dalaguete for 3 Terms from 1960-69. Responsible for the construction of the Dalaguete Provincial High School, now the Dalaguete National High School and several Infra-structures in Dalaguete, a statesman, a guerilla fighter and a hero.

Eriberto “Berting Buta” Montenegro
Blind Guitarist, Composer

Berting Buta – the blind composer and guitarist of Dalaguete. One of his nationally known compositions “Lagkaw” is a recipient of National Awards. The story goes that “love-struck” swains never failed to cajole Berting Buta into joining them when serenading their beloved.

Manuel Sandalo Salvador
Archbishop of Cebu, Dalaguete’s Pride

Msgr. Maning was the first Dalaguitnon who has reached this position and honor in the Catholic Hierarchy, has served the Church in a number of key positions; instrumental in establishing the Cardinal Julio Rosales Memorial Hospital in Dalaguete.

Ruperto “Padre Pintong” Sarmiento
Dalaguete’s First Filipino Parish Priest

The First Filipino Parish Priest in Dalaguete who served for a successive 49 years, established the Annunciation Academy and opened the Poblacion-Mantalongon Road; responsible in establishing various historical landmarks and infra-structures which Dalaguete still enjoys and/or appreciates today, i.e. Sta. Cruz, etc.

Amando N. Osorio
Former Mayor, Writer, Poet

The former Mayor of Dalaguete who has placed Dalaguete in fame in the field of Cebuano Literature with his skill and talent in writing. He has written plays, zarzuela, novels and balak using his pen name, Gerundio Amar.

Urbano Osorio
Educator, Journalist

Public servant, educator, journalist, author, Urbano Osorio was responsible for Cebuano publication, Ang Lungsoranon from 1963-1971. He served the Japanese Government to protect his fellow Dalaguitnons within the enemy camp.

Inocentes “Inus” B. Vergara
Music Genius

He was popularly known as the Musical Genius from Dalaguete who performed with signature artists and musical groups in the Philippines and abroad. He was the musical arranger for the renowned Pilita Corrales and was the musical director of Matt Monroe when he performed in a concert at the Cebu Coliseum.