How Barangay Manangal Got Its Name
Long before the coming of the Spaniards, there lived a childless couple named Manang and Galo in the northern part of our town. Manang was a weaver and Galo was a fisherman.

 The couple was well-known in the vicinity because of their benevolence, honesty, friendliness and humility. One day, a storm came while Galo and his men were out in the sea. When the storm was over, the people waited for Galo and his men to arrive. They waited to no avail until next day when they saw Galo drifting slowly ashore, dead. Manang decided her husband to be buried on a hilltop overlooking the cool Calibot Spring, which is the Sesante Beach area today. She believed Galo would be watching fishermen come and go to the sea. A big cross was laid near the grave where Galo was etched. Not long after, Manang got sick. No herbolarios were capable of healing her. She died and the people decided to bury her next to the husband. Another cross was laid where Manang was printed on. Many years passed, when a foreigner happened to pass  by the place of burial. This time, Galo’s cross was almost torn down. The letter “O” was deformed, and when the foreigner read it, it sounded lakie “Manang Gal”. From then on, people who used to bathe in the cool Calibot Spring called the place Mananggal.  Lately, the spelling was changed to Manangal.