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Initiated by the Municipal Government of Dalaguete (MGD), youth leaders of the 33 barangays including the presidents of Parish Youth Coordinating Councils (PYCCs) convened last November 14, 2015 at Dalaguete Cultural and Sports Complex.

Mayor Ronald Allan G. Cesante gave his insights on the way of life of the youth before and as of present and pointed out the changes in lifestyle, attitudes and leisure for today’s generation. He also stressed on how important it is for the youth to see things in different perspectives and be concerned about the environment. He reiterated that with education and guidance, the youth will change for the better to prepare them as our future leaders. Mayor Cesante encouraged the participants to organize themselves and be active in their respective barangays not only to have a sense of belongingness and to be represented in local special bodies but also to engage themselves in productive activities thus keeping them away from vices. He assured the youth that LGU-Dalaguete is ready to assist in their projects and activities. He said that the municipal government will help in preparing them to become good leaders and that they will start at the barangay level. However, the Mayor reminded them of the great responsibility of leaders and they have to live up to these expectations. Lastly, he said, that with the active participation of the youth in community activities, he is optimistic that the youth will no longer be involved in illegal drugs.

ya 2Mrs. Gena Buenconsejo, the Head of ComDev Office, explained the purpose of the Activity and the flow of the programme. She also presented not only the LGU-Dalaguete’s services but also its programs and projects for the youth such as the SILAW Program, Scholarship Programs including the scholarships for SILAW and PWDs, the Community College (UV-Dalaguete), Dalaguete STAR Center, employment assistance for job seekers as well as livelihood programs for people’s organizations, among others.

She later facilitated the workshops wherein the participants identified the issues and concerns affecting the youth in their respective barangays, recommended programs and projects to address the issues and prioritized these programs and projects based on their urgency, importance and feasibility. During these workshops, the group leaders took turns in presenting the outputs of their groups.

ya 3The Focal Person on Youth, Mr. Joel Aliñabon, discussed about Adolescence and Healthy Lifestyle. His presentation was focused on the preventive measures and the different implications of smoking, alcohol, drugs and stress. He encouraged the youth not to engage in vices that might be harmful to their physical, mental and emotional health. He stressed that the youth must have a healthy lifestyle and should focus on their studies. They should remember, he said, that when it comes to problems, the youth must seek the guidance and help of their parents, friends and other persons whom they could trust.

ya 4The highlight of the Activity was the election of officers. Ms. Elvira Ocaña of Barangay Malones is the newly-elected President while Ms. Julie Ann Trinidad of Barangay Poblacion is the Vice-President. Mr. Maxwell Omnus of Barangay Sacsac was elected as the Secretary and Ms. Ma. Alsie Espineli of Barangay Consolacion is the newly-elected Treasurer. Ms. Kimberly Alonso of Barangay Salug for was voted as the Auditor while Ms. Rechele Mae Carbojosa of Barangay Balud and Ms. Fritzlyn Grace Navarrete of Barangay Mantalongon were voted as PROs. The newly-elected officers are expected to represent the youth in local special bodies as well as to activities, conferences and events.

LGU-Dalaguete is optimistic that the Assembly would pave the way for other youth-related activities and events not just at the barangay level but in the municipality as well. As youth groups will be assisted by the Focal Person on Youth and ComDev Office, the participants are excited to start their role in ensuring that their groups will be actively involved in community projects and will aim to come up with viable livelihood programs especially for the out-of-school youth (OSY). They also vowed that they will try their best to be able to live up to the expectations of the people who believe in them despite the challenges that they might encounter in their journey as future leaders. Good luck youth leaders!

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