Chess is game of contemplation, endurance and action. It tests a player’s mind, body and emotions. Chess contributes to academic performance by teaching a player the following skills; Focusing, Visualizing, Thinking Ahead, Weighing Options, Analysing Correctly, Thinking Abstractly, and Planning. These enhance a player by properly dealing with their self especially during competitions.

The Municipal Government of Dalaguete (MGD) has committed to seek potential young individuals to join in the Dalaguete Chess Program (DCP). The DCP aimed to create/develop aspiring chess players to compete or represent Dalaguete in the provincial, regional, national and international competitions.

Through the efforts of the Dalaguete Sports Commission, the SUMMER CHESS BOOT CAMP 2018 is one of the avenues to introduce chess to all aspiring individuals who wanted to learn or boost their knowledge on this sport. The camp was a two-week classroom training and open to all interested participants. With our very talented and dynamic trainers, Mr. Dave Entea and Mr. Tito Ambrad, our participants were able to easily adapt to the basic and advanced techniques on the game of chess.

More than 30 young aspirants all over the Municipality were able to accomplish the two-week camp and they are ready to take into action. MGD will monitor their participation at school and will assist them in their needs ones they are ready to represent the Municipality for outside competition on chess sanctioned tournament.