February 2, 2020 — The SAMKY-J Team of Tapon, Dalaguete has taken the top spot among the 32 teams who joined the Municipality of Dalaguete Basketball Championship League in an intense and exceedingly physical bout against the players of Casay Team, 62-50.

Launched on December 15, 2019, the annual highly-anticipated basketball league encouraged 32 teams from all over the municipality to join the tournament, ranging from the far-flung teams of Mantalongon and Caliongan to the sea-side squads of Banhigan and Panaguikan. The games were played every night, leading up to the Championship Night in February 2, 2020.

Following the fiery fight of SAMKY-J and Casay teams, the Municipality of Dalaguete, through the efforts of Mayor Jeffrey B. Belciña and the Dalaguete Sports Commission, invited the University of Cebu Fighter 50 and San Remigio Properties Basketball Team to play in a much-awaited match which brought about entire flocks of Dalaguetnons to fill the Dalaguete Sports and Cultural Center.

Dondon Hontiveros, #7 of the UC Fighter 50, gave off shirts and autographed basketball balls to the cheery crowd as his teammates, together with the San Remigio Property players, warmed-up with kids by shooting off hoops and performing dribbling tricks leading to the match which made the audience “ooh” and “aah” with every steal, rebound and attempt to shoot the ball.

Ending with the score of 99 – 102, just a mere 3-point shot difference, the UC Fighter 50 won the guest match trophy presented by Mayor Jeffrey B. Belciña to the game’s MVP, Dondon Hontiveros. With the basketball league coming off to an incredulous end, the SAMKY-J and Casay teams with the 3rd placer, Tabon Basketball Team, and 4th placer, Rosarians, were awarded with trophies and cash prizes for their superb and exceptional performance.

The awarding of the winners for the Basketball League were held at the Dalaguete Sports and Cultural Center on February 14, 2020.