scholarship assembly

May 29, 2015. The Office of the Municipal Programs on Education organized the first ever Dalaguete Municipal Scholars Assembly last May 29, 2015. It was held at the Dalaguete Sports and Cultural Complex. The assembly aimed to acquaint scholars with each other, elect officers, and be oriented with the new scholarship guidelines.

At 12:30 PM, the registration for the scholarship assembly started. This was facilitated by Ms. Celeste M. Bajarias and Ms. Catherine Quevedo. The program formally started around 1:30 PM. Ms. Shirley Salvador, one of the scholars, served as the protocol officer of the assembly.

A heartfelt invocation was led by Ms. Dixie Grace Gelaga, another municipal scholar. The prayer was followed by the National Anthem. Mr. Leo Carlo D. Casinillo, Head of the Municipal Programs on Education, then welcomed the participants and provided them the rationale and statement of purpose which gave the scholars an overview of what will happen in the assembly.

For the students to feel comfortable, Ms. Majid G. Alza of the Education Office, conducted a Getting-To-Know-You (GTKY) activity called “The Boat is Sinking”. After the enjoyable activity, Ms. Alza called each school to have the scholars recognized. Once the students got piped up from the activity, Mr. Casinillo was called once again for a short talk on Passion and Transformative Education for the Youth. He highlighted on the present context of the society what are the challenges each scholar must face. He ended his talk on the value of paradigm shift and change the youth must do to arrive at a better society. Change must begin early and with the self before others.

Part of the program is the sharing of scholar stories, three former scholars who are now working as municipal employees graced the floor. Ms. Kristie Jane Amacna and Ms. Leizyl Pagula (Municipal Budget Office Staff) together with Mr. Walter Sasam (ITSM Staff) shared their inspiring stories of their successes and also gave advices to the younger scholars. Most of their sharing made mention of gratitude especially that the college scholars now need to serve the municipality for two years after they graduate.

One of the sharers, Ms. Kristie Jane Amacna, left the scholars with a striking line, “What is two years compared to a lifetime?”

After the sharing of stories which anyhow inspired the scholars, Ms. Victoria S. Matugas of the Municipal Scholarship Secretariat discussed The New Scholarship Guidelines. Afterwards, the floor was open for the scholars and the parents to share or ask questions regarding scholarship concerns. When all queries had been answered, one parent came in front and shared her gratitude for her son who is now on his apprenticeship.

The election for the first ever set of Dalaguete Municipal Scholar Society (DMSS) Officers followed. Mr. Leo Carlo Casinillo facilitated the election.

The elected DMSS Officers are as follow:

President : Shirley Salvador

Vice President : Christopher Aliñabon

Secretary : Dixie Grace Gelaga

Treasurer : Ma. Melisa Monceda

PIO : Ronalyn Yonto

School Representatives:

High School

Dalaguete NHS : Desiree Monceda

Cawayan NHS : Ralph John Ongkit

Casay NHS : Irize Limbaga

Caliongan NHS : Gemariel Aliñabon

Caleriohan NHS : Ma. Nemfha Esconde

Mantalongon NHS : Raymod Geoman

Manlapay NHS : Marjorie Entoma

SMA : Lowell Mae Gelay


CTU-Argao : Mary Genevieve Durango

UC : Roselyn Geoman

STC : Mae Lovelle Carticiano

CNU : Ma. Melisa Monceda

UV-Dalaguete : Ma. Lynn Belia

After the election of DMSS Officers and School Representatives the induction of officers then followed. This was presided by Hon. William Lagahid.

Mr. Leo Carlo Casinillo also led the scholars in the Making of Calendar of Activities/Activities of the Month. The calendar is one of the ways the scholars will be able to give back to the people.

The activities suggested by the scholars for their Calendar of Activities are as follow:




Freedom Walk


Tree Planting

Health and Wellness Symposium


Coastal Clean-up


Leadership Seminar


Feeding Program

Cemetery Clean-up


Collecting Books for schools


Carolling to give not to receive

Writers Workshop for Discourse Competence (Souvenir articles, news on Dalaguete website)


Outreach Programs

Scholarship Campaigns


Heritage Seminar

Offer talents during fiesta nights

Assist in the Fiesta Celebration as ushers/guides


Fire Safety and Disaster Preparedness Training to Train


Remedial Reading and other Summer Programs

Scholars Reunion



Brigada Eskwela Assistance

Scholars Assembly

To close the program, a scholar participant, Mae Lovelle Carteciano gave her impression of the assembly. Picture taking followed.

The assembly for the Dalaguete Municipal Scholars was a success. This is helpful not just for the scholars but also to the Education Office as well. This will bridge for their needs and make adjustments for their concerns. This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the cooperation of all involved. Another assembly will be organized by the Education Office next year. With the help of all concerned, it is hoped that it will be better.