Sports have been a practice of most of the people since primary years. This promotes physical well-being and healthy lifestyle. This is one of the recreational activities that people are encouraged to participate especially the youth. The youth has the energy and skills to improve and continue learning the basic and advanced techniques and strategies in sports. Thus, sports activities are conducted to enhance the youth in building their confidence, as well as, make them competitive individuals for them to achieve their goals and become real athletes who will bring pride and honour.

The Barangay Council of Mantalongon with full cooperation of Lil’ Baguio Youth Organization conducted the first ever SUMMER CAPITAL SPORTSFEST 2018 with the theme, “Active Sports Involvement: Gateway to Enhancing the Youth’s Perseverance, Camaraderie and Sportsmanship.” An Inter Sitio Muti-Sports Tournament namely; Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Billiards which is participated by 7 combined sitios of Mantalongon; (1) Sto. Niño, (2) Mantalongon Proper, (3) Private, (4) Redland & Suwa, (5) Mag-alambak, (6)Sampig & Catambisan, (7) Lahug & Lapa respectively. The tournaments opened with a grand Opening Ceremony happened last April 23, 2018 at Mantalongon Covered Court.

With series of multiple coordinative and consultative meetings with the youth of Mantalongon themselves, conducted by Lil’ Baguio Youth Organization, they were able to get ideas and suggestions from different individuals who want to get involve with sports. That way, they were able to express their thoughts about the activity. The organization did an effective strategy of hearing out individuals down to the grassroots level. As a result, the Opening Ceremony was a successful one and all the working committees were able to consistently function according to their roles and responsibilities.

The organization, at the same time, was able to experience implementing an activity. It enhanced their organizational skills and improved their selves in working well with others, handling pressure and stress, and time management. This will not just be applicable within the organization but also in other affiliates or at home. The Municipal Government of Dalaguete continuously helped the organization in team building, strengthening and coordination & linkage to youth-serving agencies.

With this, the Mantalongon youth will be encouraged to get involved with all youth activities, as well as, be developed as an individual. This will gain more members to the organization which will help in implementation of projects, programs and activities. This will also help us strengthen the link between the youth and the local government towards easy access on youth facilities and resolutions on youth requests towards local, provincial and national government agencies.