With our shared aim to promote total physical, moral, intellectual and social well-being of all Dalaguetnons, the SILAW SA PAGLAUM Program has been supporting disadvantaged families to become self-reliant and progressive. For 19 years now, the program has contributed so much for these families to reach and achieve their goals and sustain these by sharing it to their children creating a developmental cycle that will help them continue doing daily best practices and values.

SILAW stands for “Social Integration for the Low and Weak” with five (5) major components which was the basis of the creation of this program – Education and Literacy, Health and Sanitation, Nutrition and Social Welfare, Early Childhood Development and Means of Living respectively. Hon. Ronald Allan G. Cesante, CPA, the Municipal Mayor of Dalaguete, who is the founder of this program simply determined the weak spots of the Municipality and pushed to create this unique initiative. Since then, SILAW SA PAGLAUM Program has been implementing projects, programs and activities (PPAs) for more than 1000 beneficiaries.

The most focused component of the SILAW PROGRAM is Education and Literacy. This program encourages all SILAW Beneficiaries’ children to get easy access to schools and finish their studies – Primary and Secondary levels that serve as the start-up towards developing them. As a benefit and privilege for SILAW Students/Pupils in going to school, the program will shoulder for the payment of Authorized Contributions (Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees) and they will also receive School Supplies until they finished the Secondary level.

The program also has scholarships for outstanding Secondary students who have maintained a grade that does not go below 80% in all subjects and for all grading periods. They will also receive the same benefits with all the beneficiaries, as well as, monthly stipend and one-time book and uniform allowances per school year per student.

Just recently, the program has provided and distributed the annual school supplies for all primary and secondary students. In S.Y. 2018 – 2019, we have provided 957 pupils/students in 41 Elementary Schools and 1,513 students in 8 High Schools in the Municipality. Each school has SILAW coordinators who will help us effectively determine the number of enrolled SILAW beneficiaries and scholars. They also will help us in monitoring the student’s performance at school.

With the help of a special task force named as Community Development Unit (ComDev) which was created by Mayor Cesante, the Municipality has been effectively crafting, implementing, monitoring and evaluating SILAW SA PAGLAUM beneficiaries and its projects, programs and activities. Despite the struggle in personally distributing the supplies for the students in far-flung schools only accessible by motorcycles, the smiles and gratefulness of these SILAW children is priceless and worth the risks and sacrifices.