We can discover the objective of our existence through serving others.  As we are God’s masterpiece, we are persons with substance and purpose.  Volunteers are our unheralded heroes, taking heartily one of the tenets of Gawad Kalinga – Padugo.  We bleed our time, personal money and effort.  Our compensation is an altruistic feeling that we were able to give back to the community and the smiles we see are priceless.

Last May 21-25, 2018, Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation Inc. in cooperation with the Local Government Unit of Dalaguete held the Dalaguete Bayani Challenge 2018.  We are fortunate because among all the cities and municipalities in Visayas, only Dalaguete was chosen.

This collaboration is the beginning of a relationship between our LGU and the Gawad Kalinga, in line with the mission of the latter to end poverty of 5 million families by 2024.  Extracted from the motto: Barangay Walang Iwanan (BWI), no one is to be left behind.  There is always a way to help and be productive towards our community.

The simultaneous activities were: Kusina ng Kalinga, Paraiso Pambata, Larong Lahi, School Repainting, Coastal Clean-up, Enduro Race, Kalinga Night and turning over of the library sponsored by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

Kusina ng Kalinga is a centralized kitchen for the feeding program.  4,500 children were fed.  Paraiso Pambata is an interaction between the volunteers and the children prior to the feeding.  The included barangays were: Balud, Poblacion, Tapon, Consolacion, Cawayan, Casay, Malones, Tuba, Pañas, Lanao, Dugyan, Nalhub, Langkas, Mantalongon, Obo, Bulak, Babayongan, Maloray, Ablayan, Tabon and Salug.

Coastal Clean-up was done at Obong Spring, Dalaguete Beach Park and the mangrove area at Brgy. Cawayan.  The barangay officials in these respective barangays provided the cleaning materials and sacks.  The accumulated rubbish were weighed preliminary to being loaded unto the garbage truck.

Repainting of schools was done with Davies Paints as our sponsor.  The schools included were in these barangays: Poblacion, Balud, Tubod, Jolomaynon, Caliongan, Lumbang, Cawayan, Malones, Caleriohan, Mantalongon, Manlapay and Ablayan.

Laro ng Lahi which was done on the second day, consisted of games such as longest line, tug of war, sack race at Dalaguete Beach Park.

The library sponsored by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) is located at the Gabaldon Building of Dalaguete Central Elementary School.  The refurbishing of the library and arranging of imported books took less than a week.  Rydal B. Cisneros, the Municipal Administrator, and Cong. Carlo Nograles attended the turning over ceremony on May 24, 2018.

Enduro Race comes from the word endurance.  The volunteers joined in groups with 5 members each.  The stations for the route were at the coastal areas, which ended at the Obong Spring with all members being required to swim back and forth, then shout their team chant.

Kalinga Night was done on the 1st until the 4th night.  Each night, the program included five (5) persons who shared their experiences on having hope in their lives and on how Gawad Kalinga became a catalyst in their transformation.  There were various presentations as well as values formation.

They came to help us.  The real challenge for us, as residents, is in continuing what they started.  The activities brought together lives from extremely different backgrounds like a melting pot with one goal: inculcating a culture of sharing and caring.