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Oath Taking of Newly – Elected Municipal Officials and Tribute to Outgoing Municipal Officials and Retirees

The Municipal Government of Dalaguete held the Oath Taking of Newly-Elected Municipal Officials and Tribute to Outgoing Municipal Officials and Retirees last June 25, 2019 at Dalaguete Sports and Cultural Center.

The ceremony started with a Holy Mass at San Guillermo Parish church celebrated by Rev. Fr. Aloysius Alojipan.

It was attended by guests, Municipal employees, Barangay Officials and the families of the newly-elected officials. The ceremony was filled with memorable experiences especially for the newly-elected municipal officials.

The program kicked off with a processional of all the newly-elected municipal officials together with their loved ones. The outgoing municipal officials and retirees also made their way down the red carpet.Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante administered the Oath of Office of the newly-elected officials in the presence of their families. Afterwards, the officials gave their messages thanking for the support of the Dalaguetnons.During the event, Hon. Cesante turned over the Key of Responsibility to the newly-elected of Municipal Officials namely:

Municipal Mayor, Hon. Jeffrey B. Belciña
Municipal Vice Mayor, Hon. William O. Lagahid
SB Member, Hon. John Ritz Osorio
SB Member, Hon. Royce Nikko J. Cesante
SB Member, Hon. Ernesto M. Tangpos
SB Member, Hon Felix G. Villacorta
SB Member, Michael A. Comedia
SB Member, Hilarion S. Belciña, Jr.
SB Member, Mary Sydney Elimino
SB Member, Lowell O. Amaya

Municipal Mayor Belciña and Municipal Vice Mayor Lagahid also gave the Plaque of Recognition to the three 3-termer Municipal Officials who were Hon. Estanisla M. Almagro, Hon. Kevin Belandres and Hon. Francis Sydney Belciña who also gave their speeches and messages of gratitude to the people.

This was followed by the tribute to the retirees. Mrs. Lilia C. Munoz, who served the Municipal Government for 40 years in the Municipal Government of which 29 years was spent as Municipal Treasurer while Mrs. Evelyn R. Sarmago served the Dalaguetnons as the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer for 26 years. Both of them received Plaques of Recognition presented by Mayor Belciña and Vice Mayor Lagahid. They also gave their messages for everyone.

The most awaited part was the tribute to the man who served Dalaguete for 30 years and worked so hard for the town’s economic development. A short video was played as part of honoring him for his endless passion and dedication toward serving the Dalaguetnons. Mayor Belciña and Vice Mayor Lagahid presented the Plaque of Recognition to outgoing Municipal Mayor Hon. Ronald Allan G. Cesante who then gave his message of inspiration encouraging the newly-elected officials to continue and sustain his programs and projects for the Dalaguetnons.

After the ceremony, everyone shared the sumptuous food while listening to the live band.


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