We exist to serve our brethren.  As we alter the mindsets of our people through inculcating a culture of caring and sharing.

The Municipality of Dalaguete (MGD) in partnership with Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc. (GK) with our sponsors from Singapore American School (SAS), conducted a Groundbreaking Ceremony last November 22, 2018 for the socialized housing project at Brgy. Tapon, Dalaguete, Cebu.

Our guests were welcomed by our Drum and Lyre Band from Dalaguete National High School.

Members of the Dance Troupes from Dalaguete Central Elementary School and Dalaguete National High School performed cultural dances.

Mayor Ronald Allan G. Cesante thanked our partners, the Singapore American School, Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc., the representative of the land donor Mr. Jose Manuel Canton and everyone who has been instrumental for the success of the event.  It was his dream to have a gargantuan socialized housing project such as this, with one hundred ten (110) houses on a one-hectare land.  Now that we have sponsors from SAS, we are looking forward for the realization of the plans brought by the MGD – GK Partnership.

Mr. Jose Manuel Canton, shared a history of his family in helping at Dalaguete and other places where they can provide assistance. Such as their family’s first donation which is the land currently occupied by the Dalaguete National High School. With regards to the present project, the land where the houses will be built was donated decades ago to the MGD.  He is very happy, now that it will be utilized by the residents of Dalaguete.

Students from Singapore American School (an international school at Singapore) shared that it was their dream since 2011, when they started the Gawad Kalinga Club. Initially, there was only 20 students in the club.  They wanted to build a village.  They were able to build two (2) houses each year, for the past years at different sites.  However, they want to materialize their plan of building a village named after their school.  Their dream started with a tour in the Philippines.  On their way back to Singapore, they used a tissue and pen in planning to build a village.  Now, they saw how their plan became a reality.

Kuya Kevin, the GK Head for Cebu, elaborated the plans and aspirations of the donors.  For the beneficiaries to feel that many worked hard for the houses, in order for them to take care of the shelter bestowed upon them.  The houses are special because many prayed and visualized for this project.

Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante, Vice-Mayor Jeffrey Belciña, Mr. Jose Manuel Canton and Mr. Kevin Caballero (GK Cebu Head), as well as students from SAS dropped the time capsule containing the Site Development Plan and the Memorandum of Agreement.

This is the beginning of a two – way answered intercessions.  More stable houses for our beneficiaries on one hand and the transpiring of our donors’ reverie on the other hand.  For all of us may wither, but these structures can last for our recipients’ descendants.

Abante Dalaguete!