The Mayor’s Cup 2024 Chess Tournament proved to be a battleground of strategic brilliance where skilled competitors showcased their prowess on the chessboard. Among the top contenders, Rommel Ganzon, a National Master (NM) rank from Cebu City, emerged as the champion in the OPEN category, demonstrating unparalleled finesse. Simultaneously, Lex Padayao, an impressive young contestant representing Cebu City, captured the spotlight by claiming the top spot in the KIDDIES category. Additionally, remarkable achievements by Merben Roque, an NM rank from Cebu City, earned a well-deserved 2nd place in the OPEN category, while Triton Blue Garcia from Dalaguete, Cebu, emerged as the victorious 2nd place contender in the KIDDIES category, showcasing excellence in his performance.

On another note, the recently organized Dalaguete’s Endless Precisions Tactics and Harmony (DEPTH) Chess Club, under the adept leadership of Mr. Joel Rodriguez in cooperation with the Municipal Government of Dalaguete (MGD) through Municipal Chess Coordinator Danny Lumayag, is set to emerge as the driving force in shaping the next generation of tacticians from Dalaguete. This esteemed club aims to forge a legacy of strategic brilliance and harmonious play among its members, contributing significantly to the chess competence of Dalaguete’s aspiring chess enthusiasts.

Here is the complete list of winners:

Champion : Rommel Ganzon, Cebu City
2nd Place : Merben Roque, Cebu City
3rd Place : Diego Abraham Capariño, Cebu City
4th Place : Arnolito Cadiz, Cebu City
5th Place : Mark Mangubat, Cebu City
6th Place : Anthony Makinano, Cebu City
7th Place : Allan Pason, Cebu City
8th Place : Mario Mangubat, Cebu City
9th Place : Allan Salientes, Cebu City
10th Place : Hector Villamora, Argao
Champion : Lex Padayao, Cebu City
2nd Place :Triton Blue Garcia, Dalaguete, Cebu
3rd Place : Jesse Eujan Gestopa, Cebu City
4th Place : Ethan Richttoff Carbonilla, Cebu City
5th Place : Crislyn Kate P. Tipdas, Pinamungajan
6th Place : Khlaine Mitchelle Carvellida, Pinamungajan
7th Place : Christian Zain Tipdas, Pinamungajan
8th Place : Lorraine Enad, Carcar City
9th Place : John English, Liloan, Cebu
10th Place : Mikaela Villalon, Toledo City