The Local Government Unit of Dalaguete (LGU-Dalaguete), as a sign of its compliance with transparency and accountability standards, passes the Good Financial Housekeeping (GFH) for CY 2023. LGU Dalaguete is among the 30 LGUs in Cebu Province to have been endowed with this prestigious recognition.

The GFH is conferred to qualified LGUs that exhibit compliance with accounting and auditing standards, rules and regulations of the Commission on Audit (COA), as well as compliance with the Department of the Interior and Local Government’s (DILG) Full Disclosure Policy on the posting of all required financial documents.

Passing the Good Financial Housekeeping is one of the requirements for the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG), which is an award, incentive, honor, and recognition-based program for all LGUs to continually progress and improve performance in upholding the practice of transparency and accountability in the use of public funds, preparedness for challenges posed by disasters, sensitivity to the needs of vulnerable and marginalized sectors of society, implementation and sustenance of policies and programs that would strengthen and promote the well-being, healthy lifestyle and safety of the public, investment and employment promotion, protection of constituency from threats to life and damage to property, and safeguarding the integrity of the environment.

As the Local Government Unit of Dalaguete endeavors to continue to faithfully fulfill its duties and build a more unified and resilient future for its constituents, the GFH award solidifies and strengthens the municipality’s foothold in Cebu Province. As the town’s 313th Fiesta Celebration in honor of its patron saint, Sr. San Guillermo de Aquitania, on February 9-10 fast approaches, this feat is but one of the many blessings that Dalaguete anticipates to continue achieving in the coming months and years ahead.

Congratulations to the men and women who worked hard for this to happen, and to all Dalaguetnons who put their finest to this Administration.

Onwards and upwards, #DalagueteRising!