Exciting News for Dalaguetnons!

Municipal Mayor, Hon. Ronald Allan G. Cesante, CPA, Vice Mayor William O. Lagahid, SB Members, and municipal employees, together with the DPWH, Barangay Officials, and other stakeholders, met on Monday, May 6, 2024 at the SB Session Hall, Municipal Town Hall, Brgy. Poblacion, Dalaguete, Cebu for a public consultation and discussion on upcoming developments for the rising town.

Among the many interesting new developments for Dalaguete is the establishment of lay-bys with waiting sheds along the National Highway spanning from Barangay Casay to Barangay Obong. A “lay-by” is a designated paved area beside a main road where vehicles can stop and rest temporarily. One year in the making, the dynamic Municipal Engineering Planning and Design Team enthusiastically presented their curated innovative, yet functional, designs for the planned lay-bys which will also serve as designated loading and unloading areas for commuters and visitors to Dalaguete.

For added security and convenience, the lay-bys will have closed circuit television (CCTVs) and comfort rooms installed. They will also feature billboards, which will serve as service information and advertisement platforms for constituents and visitors. Other exciting developments in the works include the future renovation of the town’s “Welcome Arch”and the installation of signage in each barangay in Dalaguete.

The Municipal Government of Dalaguete remains committed to achieving its vision and mission of a more sustainable, resilient, and progressive imminent and vibrant city. Together with the active cooperation and involvement of community members, we can make things happen. Together, we can realize