Flash Flood in Cawayan, Dalaguete


September 22, 2018. A cloudburst with severely heavy downpour caused the Lagnason Creek to overflow which lead to a flash flood in Sitio Sombrea, Cawayan, Dalaguete. Due to its intensity, and with the bridge currently undergoing construction, the road was temporarily unpassable.

“Nag flash flood kahapon, due to heavy rains. Nag overflow lang sa Cawayan dahil nagbara sa gitrabaho nga small bridge (naa pa mga scaffolding, nga ang headwaters nagdala ug mga debris (bukong, sagbot, etc).

“I was there together with [the] Police, Firemen & Disaster Response Personnel, to manage traffic that reaches 1 kilometer each way. Small vehicles couldn’t pass sa knee deep water flow. Anyway, at around 7 pm, traffic was restored to normal,” said Mayor Ronnie Cesante, Municipality of Dalaguete.

Mayor Cesante added, “Sa highlands, diha sad landslides nga ginagmay, Tapon river, wa sad maka-overflow. Sunny day today, there will be inventory sa damages sa mga infra and homes in Cawayan and clearing of road landslides. Had the rains continued for another hour, it would have been worst. Thanks for all your prayers!!!

Currently, the DDRRM together with the PNP, BFP, Barangay volunteers, Tanods and GM of DWD are clearing the road networks affected by landslides and flood.

We will update this post once we gathered the full inventory of damages caused by the said flash flood.

Photo Credits: Merry Ann Sefuentes