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It’s another chockfull evening at the Dalaguete Sports and Cultural Complex as it is the 7th novenary night and the Dalaguete DepEd Division I and II presents their nite with the theme of “Connecting the World through Continental Songs and Dances.” The event started with solemn opening prayer headed by Ms. Winda C. Fuentes, Head Teacher, Jolomaynon ES, and a wholehearted welcome message given by Mrs. Vicenta T. Geraldizo, Dalaguete II District Supervisor. The grand production number came from the Dalaguete I & II Administrators which set the mood for an ecstatic tour around the continents of the globe.

The journey starts in Asia as famous dances and cultures from Thailand, India, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines were presented. Next stop is the wide, exotic and fruitful land of Africa. Then, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, is the land of the Americas with the Broadway and Latin Dances took center stage. The voyage went further south to the land of penguins, Antarctica. After, the penguins have shown their dance moves, the trip went to the ‘land down under’, Australia. The final sojourn was in the smallest continent, Europe; though it may be small but their rich culture was displayed exceptionally, including the famous tango from Spain. Truly, the elementary school teachers charmed the audience with beautiful serenade and upbeat dances.

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