Kurt Fick, Jerika Teodorico, Jackie Chang and Lourdes Maglinte were some of Cebu’s finest Visayan Pop Artists who made the people of Dalaguete vibe along to their music last January 31, 2020 as the Opening Salvo of the 309th Dalaguete Founding Anniversary began with festive merriment.

The 10-day countdown to the February 10 Fiesta Celebration of our patron saint, San Guillermo de Aquitaña, officially commenced at the sound of church bells of the parish church at twelve noon. The annual fiesta celebration was a way of thanksgiving to our patron saint for giving the town a bountiful vegetable harvest throughout the year; it is only fitting that the celebration began at the home of the town’s religious icon.

Jubilation filled the air at 4:00 P.M. as the horns and drums of the Grand Parade pushed its way through the high ways of Dalaguete. A holy mass was then offered, sponsored by the municipal officials and employees. Finished off with a grand firework display at the adjacent Dalaguete Seawall, the people of Dalaguete watched with joy while the nationally-recognized vocalists prepared for their performance later that evening.

At exactly 9:00 P.M., the jam-packed Dalaguete Sports and Cultural Center started the Municipal Nite, leading off with the high hits of Lourdes Maglinte and the cute and charming melodies of Jerika Teodorico. Both performers ended their set with Jerika playing her guitar to the song of “Baklay” and “Buwag Balik” sung together with Lourdes.

The complex was then filled with the heart-wrenching lyrics of Kurt Fick’s “Ha Ha Ha Hasula”, “In Love Ra Kutob”, and “Puhon”. One fan even went as far as coming up to the stage, showing his 3-year diary entries hoping his long-time idol good health and the written wish of seeing him personally, which apparently did come true that night.

With the concert coming up to its final stages, the ever-famous and oh-so- witty Snake Princess busted out of the backstage and serenaded the crowd with two songs before his partner, the viral social media personality Medyo Maldito came out to join her. The comedic duo, who were joined later on by Dalaguete’s own viral superstar Janelle Sandoval and his partner, Siegfried Lumayag, performed skits that made the crowd cry with laughter.

The Visayas Pop Artists ended their performance with deep gratitude to all Dalaguetnons who joined them in the opening celebration of the town’s founding anniversary—the perfect beginning to days of fun-filled events leading up to February 10.