The Municipal Government of Dalaguete (MGD) in partnership with NorFil Foundation thru the Municipal Social and Welfare Development Office (MSWDO) and Community Development Unit (ComDev) celebrated the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week 2018 (NDPR) on July 17, 2018 and July 20, 2018, as part of the annual observance of National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) which is also celebrated in all LGU’s in the Philippines.

With this year’s official theme released by NCDA, “Kakayahan at Kasanayan para sa Kabuhayan Tungo sa Kaunlaran”, this 40th year emphasizes the inclusion of PWDs in all sectors in the society. This will open opportunities and break barriers toward the application of their skills and capabilities in any field of work. Furthermore, this will raise awareness to all individuals about PWDs rights and responsibilities, PWD services, benefits and privileges, as well as, the laws and mandates that will serve as their foundation to their daily lives.

JULY 17, 2018 – The PWD Forum was participated by more than 100 registered PWDs from all over the Municipality ages 15 years old and above. It kicked off with Mr. Rodulfo Calvo, the Vice President of the Federation of PWDs in the Municipality by welcoming all in the activity. “People see us as useless, but we know in ourselves that we can overpass all these challenges by achieving our goals in life”, he stated. The words of encouragements were a great start to compose the perception of the participants to understand the main purpose of the activity.

Mrs. Evelyn “BB” R. Sarmago, the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer of the Municipality of Dalaguete, emphasized the importance of their participation towards the Programs, Projects and Activities of the Municipal Government of Dalaguete. She also added that they need to fully take advantage of the services, privileges and benefits installed for them especially taking Vocational Courses that may give a great impact in their lives. .

Mr. Johnny Barameda, the Project-in-Charge of NorFil Foundation, Inc., started the forum by introducing the Laws and Mandates for PWDs – Magna Carta for PWDs and its Salient Features or the RA 7277. He also discussed about the Implementing Rules and Regulations on RA 10754 or an Act Expanding the Benefits and Privileges of PWDs which covers the discounts that all registered PWDs may avail.

Afterwards, questions were asked which started the forum. Most of the participant’s voices were heard and our resource speakers were able to answer them satisfactorily. Hearing their voices out is our way of touching them down to the grassroots level – knowing what they want for the betterment of themselves and for other PWDs.

Hon. William O. Lagahid – SB Member, the Chairperson on Municipal Social Welfare and Development emphasized their importance and role in building the development in our Municipality. He encouraged all PWDs to take place in all Municipal programs, projects and activities (PPAs) so that they will have a chance to be heard that these PPAs will be accessible to all PWDs.

The forum ended with the distribution of goods (rice and packed food) to all participants which made their day more productive and happy. One of the assisting Barangay Health Worker said, “These little things that the Municipal Government of Dalaguete is for the PWDs are already a great appreciation for them. They feel that someone cared for them and opened doors for their voices to be heard.” The forum ended with a photo opportunity that will surely mark a spot to their experience.

JULY 20, 2018 – The second part of the long-week celebration of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week 2018 was the PWD Dental Mission held at the Rural Health Unit I Grounds. In partnership with the Department of Health – Dentists Deployment Project, they deployed the “Dental Health Bus” which caters dental check-up, tooth restoration and extraction for FREE to all registered in the Municipality.

6 Dentists headed by our Municipal Dentist, Dr. Veveylou Q. Concuera, catered almost 50 PWDs dental patients during the dental mission. This is one of our aim in promoting physical health and well-being for our differently-abled brothers and sisters to boost their self-esteem and confidence in facing different people.

The Municipal Government of Dalaguete will uphold these advocacies and continue to implement programs, projects and activities (PPAs) for all the registered PWDs in the Municipality. This will encourage all other PWDs to be registered, continue taking advantage of these PPAs and getting involved to all social integration and interventions. The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office, as well as, the Community Development Unit, will ensure their needs will be met accordingly to achieve total development of all PWDs in Dalaguete.