The Cebu Association of Tourguides, Inc. (CATG), a non-profit organization based in Lapu-Lapu City composed of DOT-accredited tour guides in Cebu, arrived on Sunday, October 16, 2023 at the Municipality of Dalaguete, Cebu for a “Familiarization Tour” as part of their celebration of their 42nd founding anniversary.

Thirty (30) CATG members were welcomed by LGU Dalaguete Personnel, composed of Victor Caruz, Head of Tourism and Investment Promotions Office, Yvonne Hitty Mier and Gladine Alterado of the Office of the Mayor, and Almar T. Villahermosa and Ariel Vincent Legaspi of the Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Office, and convoyed to the magical fantasy land of the Enchanted Mountain Resort at Brgy. Lumbang for refreshments and picture-taking.

The group then proceeded to their next stop at the Dalaguete Agri-Pinoy Trading Center (DAPTC) at Brgy. Mantalongon to witness first-hand the daily life at the busy commercial hub of the “Vegetable Basket of Central Visayas”. CATG members enjoyed a truly unique and authentic experience at the trading center as they each took turns to carry the famous “kaing” which could accommodate up to 300kg of vegetables. The members were also able to buy fresh, quality vegetables at comparatively low prices at the center.

The third stop was the colorful and vibrant Mt. Talongon Flower Garden where the members took Instagrammable photos with the sunflowers and varied flora at the site.

CATG were then taken to 150 Peakway Mountain Resort for a filling and scenic lunch, where the staff toured the guests around the resort. After having enjoyed the food, it was time for the group to trek Lugsangan Peak at Brgy. Tabon. Also known as Casino Peak, this lesser known peak offers tourists a more picturesque hike through a spiny limestone cliff. It is also worth noting that just 2 days prior, Philippine VP Inday Sara confidently and competently trekked this very cliff. Under the skilled guidance of Tour Guide Guillermo “Imong” Gernali, several CATG members and LGU Dalaguete staff, Yvonne, conquered the flag at the top of the peak. What an exhilarating and fulfilling experience for the group who bore witness to the majestic “Chocolate Hills” of South Cebu.

After feasting their eyes and lifting their spirits up at the peaceful peak, it was time to tour the center of the town. But before that, the group made a quick stop and photo op at the historic Paling-Paling Road. Victor Caruz then toured the group to the National Landmark – San Guillermo de Aquitania Church at Brgy. Poblacion and around Bantayan sa Hari and the popular tourist attraction at Obong Spring, a basin of blue-green water that offers visitors a cool respite during the hot summer months. It is located at Brgy. Obong and is famous for its estuary where freshwater meets the sea.

The last leg of the journey was at the Casa Real de Dalaguete, which currently houses the Municipal Government of Dalaguete. CATG members provided their feedback and offered enlightening suggestions to LGU Dalaguete personnel for the betterment of the municipality’s tourism offerings. It was also here that the CATG members enjoyed famous Dalaguete delicacies, such as bibingka, budbud, Ma’am Procee’s torta and tostado before going back to Cebu City.

It was another historic achievement for the municipality as yesterday’s meeting sealed a potential future partnership between Dalaguete and a credible tourism organization in CATG, Inc.

Come SEE (Stay. Explore. Enjoy.) Dalaguete, located 84km south of Cebu City, and experience this progressive town through the eyes and hearts of its locals.