Through the cooperation of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Municipal Government of Dalaguete (MGD), in partnership with the University of the Visayas ONE-CEBU Team, the coco-midrib basket weaving industry in Barangay Casay is geared in the right direction of bringing back its glory days of the 80s, when said barangay was hailed as the Handicrafts Capital of Dalaguete.

Through the DTI Sub-contracting Partners on Innovation (SPIN) Program under the Small and Medium Enterprises Development (SMED) Plan Localization, a two-day training on “Basket Weaving Skills Development and Upgrading” was conducted and participatedby no less than 40 skilled weavers last March 15-16, 2012 at the residential vicinity of Mr. Judito Flores, entrepreneur and the acknowledged founder of the coco-midrib basket weaving industry at Brgy. Casay.

Under the SPIN Program, DTI will serve as the intermediary between the entrepreneur and the exporter using the Big Brother, Small Brother Concept – where Big Brother – the exporter and the Small Brother being the entrepreneur – thereby eliminating the role of the middlemen and consequently resulting to a more dynamic bargaining power on the side of the entrepreneur as to the pricing of the products.