“Wee woo wee woo!”. The blaring sirens of fire trucks and patrol cars were the singular, most prominent source of noise at the early hour of six in the morning as the Municipal Fire Department of Dalaguete alerts the public with the dawn of March 1, which means one thing: Fire Prevention Month.

With the theme, “Matuto ka, Sunog Iwasan na!”, Senior Inspector Mylah S. Selma of the Dalaguete Municipal Fire Department headed a town-wide motorcade accompanied by the Philippine National Police (PNP-Dalaguete), the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, the Dalaguete Community Fire Auxiliary Group, representatives from Philippine Mining Service Corporation (PMSC) and Dakong Bato Resort, wards and of course their mascot, Berong Bombero. The parade took a spin around Brgy. Poblacion before heading up to Brgy. Casay and back to Brgy. Poblacion again where the caravan ended its brief tour.

According to SINSP. Selma, the Bureau of Fire Protection plans to implement the “Oplan Iwas Sunog, Ligtas na Pamayanan Fire Prevention Month”, the 2020 umbrella program detailing four major moves towards fire prevention.

First on the list is the Public Visibility and Information Drive wherein the Fire Department disseminates banners, info materials and tarpaulins about ways to prevent unwanted fire accidents. They would also provide talks and dialogues with communities here downtown and in the mountainous barangays of Dalaguete. Another program they would want to implement is the “Designated Civilian Bombero”, a pilot program that assign and train volunteers from Brgy. Casay and Poblacion.

Third on the list is the “Bahay ni Juan, Bahay ni Berong” initiative which allows students from different academic institutions within Dalaguete to visit the Dalaguete Fire Station for a 5-day open house tour where they would be lectured and trained with the basics of fire-fighting. Plus, they will get the chance to tour the entire Fire Department and use its current equipment.

Last on the agenda is the Fire Olympics whose main objective is to simulate real fire emergency scenarios with participants coming from Brgy. Poblacion, Casay and from Brgy. Poblacion of the neighboring town, Alcoy. This will orient them the correct protocol and procedure during fight-or-flight situations such as rescue missions.

Even with a record of ZERO fire incidents so far this year, the Dalaguete Municipal Fire Station does not like to take its chances. SINSP. Selma treats this record as a challenge, a status to uphold and maintain until the entirety of Dalaguete is ready for any fire emergency.