In a packed Dalaguete Sports and Cultural Center, the San Fernando Buffalos proudly stamped their authority over the Siloys of Alcoy, seizing the coveted Championship title in the electrifying finale of the 1st Congressman Edsel Galeos Inter-Town Basketball tournament. With adrenaline pulsating through the arena, the Buffalos’ impenetrable defense proved to be their secret weapon, propelling them to a resounding victory with a final score of 104-92 over the valiant Siloys.

Celebrations erupted as the Champions clinched their well-deserved triumph, poised to bring home the prestigious honor along with the grand prize of PHP 100,000.00, while the gallant Siloys, though falling short, earned commendation and a respectable purse of PHP 70,000.00 for their stellar performance.

Meanwhile, in the earlier showdown for the 3rd spot, the Argao Archangels soared above the Oslob Whale Sharks, securing a commendable victory with a score of 89-79. The Archangels’ display of skill and determination earned them the accolade of third place, along with a prize of PHP 50,000.00, while the resilient Whale Sharks, though defeated, claimed PHP 30,000.00 as a testament to their tenacity and sportsmanship.