Registration of OFWs or their representative (active or inactive) – February 15 – 22, 2019 at the PESO Dalaguete thru the OFW Help Desk @ the 2nd Floor Annex Building Lobby. 8:00 am – 5:00pm and look for Niño M. Alcalde.  

            If you are:

  1. Seaman/Seafarers
  2. Domestic Helper
  3. Factory Worker
  4. Other types of land job


  1. An OFW active or inactive
  2. Family member representative of an absent OFW
  3. Relative of an absent OFW

OFW includes the following:

  1. Those who are working abroad
  2. Those whose contract have ended but an active member of OWWA
  3. Those whose contract was cut short due to some reasons
  4. Those who were repatriated from the country of work
  5. Those who, for whatever reasons have not completed their contract with their employer.

What to Bring:

  1. OWWA ID No of an OFW
  2. ID of the representative of an OFW
  3. Proof of work abroad of an absent OFW


Registered OFW or representative will be qualified to attend the orientation seminar to be conducted by OWWA, POEA, NRCO and PESO-Dalaguete. The orientation seminar will discuss the benefits and privileges granted by the above mentioned govt offices to the OFWs and its representatives. Qualified beneficiaries can avail of the programs offered by such offices which will be discussed during the seminar orientation.


PESO/ OFW Help Desk