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Due to Globe Telecom’s landline service interruption the following telephone numbers of the LGU are temporarily out of service:

Fire Station : (32) 484-0911
STAR Center : (32) 484-8529
Mayor’s Office : (32) 484-8399
LGU Trunk line : (32) 484-8718, 484-8500

For you immediate concern, please contact us thru these cellphone numbers:

1. 0933-968-9952
2. 0925-650-3564
3. 0922-851-6281 (Fire Station)
4. 0915-321-9390 (Police Station)

For those who are experiencing the same problem, please feel free to comment in this thread so that we can bring up this situation to Globe Telecom’s management as well as to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Thank you.