Dalaguete is known not only of its vegetables production but palatable delicacies as well – notably bibingka, malagkit, torta, tostado, podrida, tablea and banana meat.  These snack foods are long prepared in family based small processing area and being peddled in schools and in the Poblacion terminal area.

Such cottage industry provides job opportunities both in the downstream and upstream stages, from the procurement of raw materials to the peddling of the product.

Since these products had been widely patronized, and has become synonymous to Dalaguetnon’s love for delectable foods, it is imperative that the same (industry) be supported in its enhancement to gain market access and such being part of the town’s culture.  Thus, there is need to secure clean and sanitary processing, packaging, labeling and more importantly uphold the belief of these entrepreneurs that they can make use of such undertaking as their sustainable livelihood.

Project Activities:

  1. Inventory of delicacies and its makers.
  2. Orientation and providing conditions for their participation.
  3. Provision of trainings and seminars, specifically on Food Safety and Good Manufacturing Practices.
  4. Providing support mechanisms, financial, logistical and information for business registration.
  5. Market trading and business tie-up.
  6. Other mechanisms that maybe needed, such as but not limited to discount in the payment of municipal fees and clearances.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

  1. Every end of the specific activity, an evaluation be made, as to participants/beneficiary’s performance of agreed-upon conditions.
  2. Submission by them of required reports/inputs for analysis by MPDC/MIS.
  3. At the end of the project time frame, an appropriate ceremony/certification be made, as if they are already DEBUTantes.