• A very intense typhoon will affect the locality.
  • Very strong winds of more than 185 kph may be expected in at least 12 hours.


  • If the house is not strong enough to withstand the battering of strong winds go to designated evacuation center aor seek shelter in stronger houses.
  • Stay in safe houses until after the disturbances has left the area.


  • Coconut plantation may suffer extensive damage.
  • Many large trees may be uprooted.
  • Rice and corn plantation may suffer severe losses.
  • Most residential and institutional buildings of mixed construction may be severely damaged.
  • Electrical power distribution and communication services may be severely disrupted.
  • In the overall, damage to affected communities can be very heavy.
  • Evacuate from low-lying area and reiverbanks and stay away from coastal areas for possible flooding and strom surge.
  • All travel and outdoor activities should be cancelled.
  • Watch out for the passage of the "Eye Wall and the "Eye" of the typhoon.


  • The situation is potentially very destructive to the community.
  • All travels and outdoor activities should be cancelled.
  • Evacuation to safer shelters should have been completed since it may be too late under this situation.
  • With PSWS #4, the locality is very likely to be hit directly by the eye of the typhoon. As the eye of the typhoon approaches, the weather will continuously worsen with the winds increasing to its strongest coming generally from the north. Then a sudden improvement of the weather with light winds (a lull) will be experienced. This means that the eye of the typhoon is over the locality. This improved weather may last for one to two hours depending on the diameter of the eye and the speed of movement. As the eye moves out of the locality, the worst weather experienced before the lull will suddenly commence. This time the very strong winds will come generally from the south.
  • The disaster coordinating councils concerned and other disaster response organizations are now fully responding to emergencies and in full readiness to immediately respond to possible calamity.

Sources: PAG-ASA, GOV.PH




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