Miss UV 2015Feb. 7, 2015. For the past years, UV-Dalaguete Campus Nite has held series of basketball exhibition and the university feels that it needs to offer something new for this year. “So we agreed to have the Miss UV because we feel that it’s about time to show the community what we have to offer from our student’s talent, beauty, and glamour”, Ms. Evangeline Matildo explained.

The candidates come from the different colleges. The college of Criminal Justice and Marine Engineering send in one of their finest young studs and more, the other colleges send in two to contest with the rest making them twelve all-in-all. The pageant started with a grand production number as the candidates walked gracefully around ramp making the crowd applaud. The next part was the showcase of “Fun Wear”, a fashion statement which was designed and crafted by the students themselves. The stage then was filled with 12 “Ladies in Red” as they exhibit their evening gowns, all with red motif.

The next part was the Q&A portions, which is composed of three echelons: the casual interview, top six and then the final three. Jumping to the final three. Each finalist was ask with the same question. The other finalist who were waiting for their turn to answer were fitted with headset with loud music on playback. The final question was, “What is the greatest contribution of your department in the university?” The finalist delivered their answer well, but the most cheered and applauded answer was given by candidate #1, Ms. Lersly Ann Gonza, an education student provided the answer as pertains to the importance of education in the society.

With that, the crowned Miss UV Dalaguete 2015 amid the other twelve gorgeous ladies is Miss Lersly Ann Gonza. She is from Baclayan, Boljoon, Cebu. She’s 19 years old and is representing the Education Department. She is 5’6 tall and has a vital statistics of 32” – 24” – 33”. Her hobbies include playing chess, dancing and singing. She also wants to become a beauty queen because she wants to tell the world that she is beautiful in all aspects. Her motto in life is “to defeat your opponent, you yourself must know your own weaknesses”.

Here are the list of winners:

MISS UV Dalaguete 2015: Lersly Ann Gonza (College of Education)

1st Runner-Up: Jane Fatima Alinabon (College of Education)

2nd Runner-Up: Joanne Bustamante (College of Business Administration)

Minor Awards:

Star of the Night - Ana Marie Bautista (College of Business Administration)

Face of the Night & People’s Choice Award - Jane Fatima Aliñabon

Best in Fun Wear - Kathrina Figuracion (College of Engineering representing Marine Engineering)

Best in Gown & Miss Natasha - Lersly Ann Gonza (College of Education)

Miss Congeniality- Debbie Grace Dabucol (College of Marine Transportation)

Miss Floresteria - Ana Marie Bautista (College of Business Administration)

Miss Beautfiul Horizon - Kathrina Figuracion (College of Engineering representing Marine Engineering)

Miss Photogenic - Leslie Marie Escribano (College of Marine Transportation)




Ms. Evangeline Matildo – Miss UV 2015 over-all head

Mr. Anthony Silva Teo – Miss UV 2015 creative consultant



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