secondary schoolsYear after year, Dalaguetenon’s look forward to Dalaguete Secondary Schools’ presentation as they are well thought of and conceptualized highlighting creative skills, team work, artistry, cooperation, coordination, and unity of the seven National High Schools of Dalaguete.

This year they went to Disneyland along with the King and Queen of Hearts 2015 Noah Philipson Zambrano Legaspi and Mary Chrisaville Caminade Belandres with their royal court; 1st Runners Up Joshua Delima and Florenza May Donal, and 2nd Runners Up Maxwel Rodney Omnus and Glenda Amandoron.

The audience was taken in a wonderful journey as well crafted props of each school turned Dalaguete Sports Complex into enchanting and magical places depicting scenes from Disney movies. They transported the crowd into the Grand ballroom with Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Pots, Chip and Babette as Belle and Beast waltzed in the classic Beauty and the Beast presented by Manlapay National High School. They went to mine with the Seven Dwarves and danced with Snow White courtesy of Caliongan NHS. Cawayan NHS brought them to Wonderland to see how Alice with the help of the White Queen defeated the Jabberwocky and the Red Queen. Tinker Fairies from Mantalongon NHS serenaded them and encouraged them to fly to their hearts. Rapunzel of Caleriohan NHS showed its good to have a dream and to have courage to be able to see it realized. Casay NHS took them to experience Arabian Nights and meet Alladin, Jasmine and the Genie. Last but not the least, Dalaguete NHS opened the gates of Arendelle where Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, and Hans awaited to show once more how an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.

From the crowd’s unwavering attention and loud applause, one can clearly see that efforts and everything else put into seeing the production well carried out was not in vain. Surely, Dalaguete Secondary Schools’ reputation of putting up a good show has not faltered after all these years and in fact has even improved with the times.



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