Every resident getting married needs to apply for a license to get married. This is a primary requirement of any church or civil court who will commence the marriage. Before you can secure a license, your name and that of your would be spouse will be posted on the Municipal Bulletin Board. If there are no valid objection from local residents the license could be issued. Another requirement for you and your would be spouse is to attend a seminar on family planning from your local health center and a family counseling from the social welfare office.

Procedures for securing a Marriage License

  • Secure an application form from the Civil Registrar. Please be ready to supply the following requirement:
    • Both of your Birth certificates
    • If one is a Foreigner, Legal Capacity if required
    • Parents' Advise if above 21 yrs. old and below 25 yrs. old
    • If a widower, Death Certificate of previous partner is required
    • Parental Consent of both parties if below 21 years old
    • Proceed to the local cashier for the payment of fees
    • Attend the family planning seminar at your local health center
    • Attend the family counseling given by the social welfare office.
    • Posting will be for ten(10) days. Issuance of marriage license will follow after the compliance of the seminar.


Delayed Registration of Marriage
  • Secure a certified true copy of the following(any two):
    • Affidavit of concerned party or solemnizing officer
    • Contract issued by the church
    • Present the above documents to the Mun. Civil Registrar's Office
    • Secure and fill-up form
    • Pay the fee at the cashier
    • Posting will be for 10 days
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