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Procedures for Granting Exceptions and Variances

  1. A written application for an exception or variance shall be filed with the Local Zoning Board of Adjustment and Appeals (LZBAA) citing the section of this ordinance under which the same is sought and stating the ground(s) thereof.
  2. Upon filing of application, a visible project sign,(indicating the name and nature of the proposed project) shall be posted at the project site.
  3. The LZBAA shall conduct preliminary studies on the application
  4. A written affidavit of non-objection of the project by the owners of the properties adjacent to the project shall be filed by the applicant with the LZBAA at least fifteen(15) days prior to the decision for the exception/variance.
  5. In case of objection, the LZBAA shall hold public hearing.
  6. At the hearing any party may appear in person, or be represented by agent/s. All interested parties shall be accorded the opportunity to be heard and present evidences and testimonies.
  7. The LZBAA shall render a decision within 30 days from the filing of the application, exclusive of the time spent for the preparation of written affidavit of non-objection and the public hearing in case of any objection to the granting of exception/variance.

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