mgd niteThe festivity has officially started last January 31, 2018. Dalaguetnons welcomed the celebration of the 307th Town Fiesta Celebration in honor of their patron saint, St. William De Aquitania. Year after year, the loud ringing of the bells in the belfry at 12noon signifies the beginning of the 9 days novena entertainment and preparation. At 4pm in the afternoon, multitudes of teachers with their students gathered for the symbolic parade and motorcade with the image of San Guillermo De Aquitania. This parade was leaded by the local government unit of Dalaguete. The parade went all over Poblacion, a symbolic representation of awakening the festive spirits in the locals.

Right after the parade was the mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Jorge Carao of Our Lady of Peace Parish Sucat and Rev. Fr. Pantaleon Amaya Jr. of the Sacred Heart Parish, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia which are both homegrown Dalaguetnon priests. The pilgrims and offerers were leaded by the Dalaguete Municipal Employees and Officials of the Dalaguete Philippine National Police Commission.

The local government unit of Dalaguete brought Wacky Kiray of I Can See Your Voice and Klarisse De Guzman of Pinoy Dream Academy all from the ABS-CBN network. The show started at 9:30 on the dot. Both made the crowd elated. Klarisse De Guzman brought the crowd wanting for more through her singing prowess. The crowd couldn’t believe that she too can bring laughter by just simply belting out her soulful voice together with her wacky side prompting the audience to join her in singing. She was on the go too when audience try to take selfies with her, hugging her out of nowhere and by just simply staring at her. She has this beautiful demeanor of a singer who is out there, enjoying the show.

Added much raucous too was the Wacky Kiray who left the crowd locked-jaw literally! The crowd can’t seem to get off wearing their happy faces when Wacky Kiray took the center stage. He was not just the typical comedian who wanted to make the crowd laugh. He is more to that. In a dinner interview with him, he said that all he ever wanted was to make the audience laugh and be at their best, to enjoy the moment while it last. Apparently, he did a good job. The audience was in total uproar when he sang his heart out too, bolstering audience participation much to the delight of the crowd. In a post-interview at the back stage, he said, he was supposed to be only doing his act for approximately one hour, he didn’t notice the time because he had so much fun on the stage. He totally consume two and a half hours on stage. He thanked everyone for being so participative and jamming all throughout the event. The show ended exactly at 12 midnight bringing huge grins to everyone. This just proves that the show was indeed a five out of five rating!

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