DOH campaignA very informative day was in store for our local policy makers and health staff as the Department of Health, headed by Dr. Chona Salang and Dr. Christopher Tubo with their team of doctors and pharmacists, conducted an Anti-Microbial Resistance Awareness Campaign at the 2nd floor ofDalaguete Health Management Complex on June 29, 2017.

Barangay captains and their respective councilors for health graced the activity as they were oriented with the astounding need to relay to their constituents the increasingnumber of cases reported on antibiotic resistance mainly due to self-medication with antibiotics that are unprescribed by a physician.

As a fitting conclusion of the activity, the participants all sealed in their support for the campaign, with municipal health officer Dr. Jose Edgar V. Alonso heading the pledge. The need to involve every Dalaguetnon especially in health issues has become an urgent call from the health office, so as not to physically and financially burden the individual caused by erroneous antibiotic use.


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