DSC06113Mayor Cesante takes time out of his busy schedule to meet with the STAR Center staff in the STAR Center’s Registrar’s office.  With the Mayor was Hon. William Lagahid Sr., SB Councilor (seated to Mayor’s left)  Ma’am Marie Fe V. Zambrano the Municipal HRMO/LCR Designate, beside Ma’am Zambrano was Ma’am Sabrina May C. Saniel who takes down the notes and beside her is Sir Dario H. Capondag  from engineering and Sir Rydal B. Cisneros the Municipal Administrator. 

            Mayor Cesante praised the STAR Center staff for their efforts and encouraged them to keep moving forward and he presented his plans for where he wants the STAR Center to be in 2018.  While the STAR Center staff listened attentively and had a few questions overall when the Mayor departed STAR Center they were very motivated to follow his lead. 

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