The Municipality of Dalaguete has placed the cornerstone in public service in the information age. With the implementation of a new information system that ease the client’s transaction by diminishing waiting time notwithstanding the improvement in revenue generation, and ad hoc reporting. This information system is E-TRACS.

etracs 01E-TRACS (Enhanced Tax Revenue Assessment and Collection System) is a software designed for local government units (LGU) to improve revenue management and collection. It is composed of three core modules: Tax Collection Module, Business Permit Assessment Module and Real Property Tax Assessment Module. The Tax Collection Module automates the processing of treasury operations. One of the key objectives is to implement tighter controls and effective accountability of transactions which translates to an effective, accurate and trustworthy system. The Business Permit and Licensing Module automates the business assessment process with no or less human intervention as possible to minimize the manipulation of the assessment result. Real Property Tax System Module is designed to automate the processing of real property transactions such as transfer of ownerships, subdivisions, consolidations, general revisions and more. It also standardizes the assessment computation thereby making it more accurate, consistent and transparent.

etracs 02With lots of positive feedback from the taxpayers and also the immediate response from the development team to address the need of the users, the Tax Collection or Treasury Module and the Business Permit and Licensing Module are now fully implemented this year. That is going to fully automated processing from the old manual routine that the Dalaguetnons are used to. Meanwhile, Real Property Tax System Module are in parallel with the old LGS this year and will soon to fully kickoff next year.

Compared to the previous years, doing the conventional way, it is noticeably fewer taxpayers queuing in line to the tellers. Since, manual writing to the application forms and official receipts have been eliminated processing now can be done in a jiffy. With this, all entries are done electronically such as the gathering of data for Community Tax or Business applications. Having this data being stored in an actual database, retrieval on subsequent transactions will be a breeze.

etracs 03Having that in mind, the Municipal Transaction Card was proposed. This card, will be given to all taxpayers free of charge. It will be used when dealing with municipal transactions such as acquiring permits and paying taxes. Furthermore, in the future, it will be used for all government services offered by the Municipality. By presenting this card the holder will be guaranteed a luxury of faster transaction with the LGU. With this, the LGU can assure fast, efficient, and transparent service to the public.

In line with this, the LGU-Dalaguete will release this said transaction card beginning on February 1, 2016 at the Municipal Treasurer’s Office (MTO) through the Information Technology and Systems Management Office (ITSM).

Technological innovations change the world we live in, especially in government services. From the old conventional way to computerized, the goal is the same, which is to deliver to the community the services in a faster, easier, and efferent way. Implementation of ETRACS is only just a start for other more modernization processes to come initiated by the LGU-Dalaguete. And by being the sole pioneer in Cebu, the Municipality Dalaguete is leading the Province with this innovation. Other municipalities might soon follow, but Dalaguete is already first on its class. “Keep moving forward, Dalaguete”!

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