miacSeptember 22 and 23,  2015 marked another milestone in the implementation process of the Kalahi CIDSS NCDDP in the municipality of Dalaguete. The Municipal Inter-Agency Committee (MIAC) Technical Review was successfully launched at the Training Center of MANRO and  Dalaguete Health Management Complex. All 33 barangays participated in the said event wherein members of the Project Proposal Teams submitted the necessary documents for the MIAC to review. Upon approval, these Request for Fund Release (RFR) documents will then endorsed to the Municipal Inter-Barangay Forum – Participatory Resource Allotment (MIBF-PRA).

            Noteworthy is the level of diligence and anticipation demonstrated by the participants. The MIAC on their part showed their full attention and support to the activity despite their heavy loads being heads of their respective departments. Most inspiring is the participation of Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante who explained to the delegates the process and philosophy of Kalahi Program in the municipality. He expressed his hopes that the program will contribute to social  transformation starting on the individual level, promote a sense of solidarity with the most needy, and see tangible change after the four-years duration of the program. The delegates went home bringing with them the Mayor’s exhortation to harness the courage to become leaders but before becoming leaders they must first become followers of the peoples’ will.

            Having courageously hurdled the initial difficulties, there is high hopes among the community volunteers that their dreams of alleviating the conditions of their respective communities will ultimately be translated into concrete reality. The first obvious reality is people empowerment on the rise. 

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