PulisJuly 24, 2015. A meeting was called headed by P/Insp. Joseph Puyod Berondo regarding the Operational Review on Performance Governance System (PGS) and the Tactical Dashboard. It is maily a review of the performance of the Daguete Police Station.

The PGS and the Tactical Dashboard indicates the targets and goals of the police station for the current calendar year. With that, the data presented during the meeting was as of January to June 2015.

As the data has been presented, almost all of the categories the Dalaguete Police Station has met the required target and more, it exceeds the required target. And for the some categories that it has not yet met, it has the remaining of the year to accomplish its target. Accordingly, P/Insp. J. P. Berondo is confident that the Dalaguete Police will deliver and met the target within the deadline.

With this operational review, the Dalaguete Police has shown that they are highly capable, effective and credible in enforcing the law, preventing and controlling crimes, maintaining peace and order and ensuring public safety and internal security with the active support of the community.

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